The Ben Nagari Collective

 Ben is a reformed user of fractal composition aids and although he has not entirely kicked the habit he tells us that he has it under control. He has been known to torture innocent musical toys in an attempt to find alien voices.

Ben likes to scare people with big bass lines.


Collaboration, I find, helps in stimulating ideas and directions that might not otherwise suggest themselves. Also, having another person to bounce ideas off can stop glaring mistakes and simply getting stagnant with your ideas.

I consider myself very much a student in music and willing to try anything in the pursuit of niceness. I mostly use Orion but I'm slowly getting my head around fruity. Anyone who wants to participate on a music composition feel free to upload your music file.

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Ben Nagari 
dub & ambient sound sculptures

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No Dreams

No dreams to cling to, it's a heavy load. (dub)

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Another Cyrus

Another Cyrus, to bring down Babylon. (ambient dub)

click to hear - mp3 From the rising

Using the energy from the sun to warm his teeth, Ben has gone to extreme lengths to seek audience with unparalleled cynics. (dub)

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Ben has a dream. Entirely composed without the aid kitchen utensils. (dub)

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Iraki Dub

A lament

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PashtuGhazal Dub

Another lament

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king of the north

Contemporary Art is a warm and cuddly, favourite cardigan, perhaps with patches on the elbows but definitely with leather covered buttons. (dub)










Ben Nagari 2004